Stand Up to End Violence Against Women featuring BRIDGET CHRISTIE

Charity Chuckle returns for its sixth #16days event with a stellar line up of some of the UK’s finest comics, including Bridget Christie…


We’re back this December and have we got a Christmas treat for you! We’re delighted to welcome the fantastic Bridget Christie as our headliner. This will be first time she’s played the Komedia since winning the 2013 Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award (formerly the Perrier)!

The event aims to raise awareness, money and morale for local domestic violence and sex abuse charities, Rise and Survivors Network, as part of the global campaign #16days to End Violence Against Women.

Get your tickets here!

With special guests: Bridget Christie, Jo Neary, Sajeela Kershi, Athena Kugblenu, Laura Lexx, Harriet Braine and MC Jen Brister.

Charity Chuckle presents: Stand Up to End Violence Against Women featuring BRIDGET CHRISTIE

Date: Wednesday 7 December 2016,
Venue: Komedia Main Room, 44 Gardner St, BRIGHTON BN1 1UN.
Show start: 8pm
Doors: 7pm
Tickets: £17.50 & £15 concessions from the Komedia Box Office, online or 0845 293 8480.

Please note: line ups are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. If an act can’t appear we will always try to find a suitable replacement and provide a great night out. Any last minute changes will be noted on social media.




This may be the last time Brighton…

If you run a business that would like to sponsor an altruistic, award-winning, prestigious comedy night with franchise potential, then please, we would love to hear from you!

“If you’re good at something never do it for free.” The Joker

“If you’re good at something do it for free for 6 or 7 years then stop before you become The Joker.” Kerry Herbert

I’ve got myself a cup of tea and put a ready meal in the oven. The towels are drying, the Bargainers are Hunting, and the traffic is flying along the seafront on this shiny wintry day. Time to update the Charity Chuckle blog and tell you…

why we’ve decided to stop.

The knives had actually been sharpened for July 2014. When Charity Chuckle started out at The Latest Bar in 2009, the aim had been to put on a good gig with our mates, get some stage time, and maybe raise a bit of money for charity as well. However, I’m a bit of a quietly ambitious sod, as long as it doesn’t involve exercise or climbing Table Mountain (apparently, reaching the top in as agonisingly a tedious way as possible counts as a “life-time achievement”, even though they built a cable car in 1929 and stuck a restaurant at the top! Send Brian Blessed up the edges I say and I’ll meet him in the caff with a lovely bowl of South African muscles.). Anyway, the wonderful Barnsley bugger aside, I wanted to book the very best comedians I could and make some proper money for the community. I wanted the charities or community groups to be small and local too, ones that could really do with a boost to their public profile, where their workers could enjoy some stress-free laughs, and where every penny counted because we weren’t big and we weren’t raking it in; quite the opposite, we were small and we were giving it away! If we were lucky we’d cover our costs. All hail the raffle that goes directly into the charity’s coffers!

Stewart Lee

So I drew up a list of my top three living comedians that I’d like to book in an ideal world – Stewart Lee, Sarah Millican, Flight of the Conchords*. Jim (Holland – co-promoter, partner, shoegazer) wanted Kitson. We both love Sadowitz, but guessed that joining Jerry with an uninitiated local charity audience might be attempting to shag one goat too many.

I’d been negotiating with Stewart Lee since 2010 when Jim had gone to his book-signing in Edinburgh and managed to get it in writing: “To Kerry. Stewart Lee. Yes, I will do your small charity gig in Brighton. Stewart Lee.” So good he signed it twice.

Stewart Lee he say yes! photo 1

But what with one thing and another we just couldn’t get the dates to work. Finally in November 2013, we managed to get him booked in for the following summer nine months later – our Stewart Lee baby! The 8th July was the day after Jim’s birthday, so as a special birthday treat I booked Jim to do a set too, along with Zoe Lyons with 20 from her new show, and Julie Jepson as compere. Epic smugface for the best girlfriend in the world!

It was a fantastic gig. We’d moved to the Komedia Studio from the Latest Music Bar in September 2013, and with just an 80-seat capacity it had sold out in minutes. If we’d been agency promoters we’d have gone in the main space and lapped up the extra money, but we’re comedy lovers first and foremost and we liked the idea of seeing Stewart Lee live in an intimate club setting like an old style gig, and we thought it would make our audience feel pretty special too. Turns out Stew hadn’t been in the Studio Bar since he’d produced the Mighty Boosh 20 years before, so we had humble epic smugness in spades. Mr Lee did half an hour of new stuff for his forthcoming series of Comedy Vehicle and he said that he thoroughly enjoyed it. The Brighton audiences are so unique – their sharp intakes of breath fueled by green juice and right-on-ness – that it provides fascinating feedback for a comedian. Stewart Lee is a lovely man, smiley and handsome, as funny off stage as he is on, and absolutely brilliant in a small room. People laughed at Jim too!

And that was supposed to be that – July 2014, our triumphant final gig.

(*Sarah Millican is so busy she generally has tours booked 2-3 years in advance. Flight of the Conchords were/are split up and are based in New Zealand and LA. Kitson plays football on a Tuesday.)

How to NOT stop doing a gig

Charity Chuckle Edinburgh, 4.45pm a the CAVES Somehow on New Years Eve 2013/14, flush with the success of booking the 41st best stand-up ever, drunk on the buzz of an incredible December gig with Sara Pascoe and… well… drunk… we resolved to do a Charity Chuckle run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Then as the first six months of 2014 went from strength to strength – Nick Helm, Holly Walsh, Joe Wilkinson, Stephen Carlin, Junior Simpson, even Al Murray popping in to do 5 minutes – it seemed a shame not to do our annual #16Days Christmas show for two of our favourite charities, Rise and Survivors Network as part of the global campaign to end violence against women. The domestic violence rep at Brighton & Hove Council said he wanted to engage young people, so I plumped for Pappy’s whose sitcom Badults was doing well: they’re a long time favourite of mine and they also really believed in the campaign. Sealing the December deal, our compere – the incomparable Miss Behave. We’d got the sleeper train up to Edinburgh and come across Amy Saunders in the lounge bar having a very sensible green soup. I’m good with faces so I’d recognised her mild-mannered alter-ego, though the leopardskin onesie with horns may have helped. Using all my skills, charm and the pitiful story of a broken air con in our steamy carriage, I got chatting and managed to pencil her in! So December was set. Charity Chuckle poster DEC2014 jpg

There’s no rest for the wicked. Comic Relief had been in touch about a project in September with internet sensation Caspar Lee (to do his first ever stand-up gig with us). Katherine Ryan said she could pop in with 5 in October. And back in Edinburgh when we finally managed to escape our Comedy PR work and shows, we’d managed to catch Spencer Jones as the Herbert on recommendation from our good friend Ed Moore.

I was blown away – I had to get him on! – but he could only do November so I booked him in for that.

And finally, in the biggest surprise of them all, I won a Brighton & Sussex Venus Award 2014 for my work with Charity Chuckle and Stand-Up Marketing and then went on to win the National Award for the Home Based Business of 2015!

Venus Awards selfie at The Grand: Kerry, Justice, Jim, Tony, Bola

Not only were we 6 months on from our “final” gig – we were looking at another year. It was a rollercoaster we couldn’t get off, the Crazy Mouse of comedy!


Yes, we love doing Charity Chuckle, it’s addictive, successful and a lot of fun, so why stop? Inevitably it’s that grubby thing – carpet. I need a new carpet. I have a very expensive toyboy and if I can’t keep myself in carpet who on earth is going to keep him in shoes?

Charity Chuckle has no outside funding, no sponsorship, no donors. I’ve always had high hopes for getting funding because everyone we talk to thinks it’s a brilliant thing – the charities love it, the comedians love it, the public loves it and we generally sell out. Each year in a fit of optimism, I fill in a load of forms to apply for local and/or government funding to cover running costs and maybe more. I’ve even sent off to Jack Daniels, Tuaca and the #BigSociety (#BS). Unfortunately, this has been entirely without success.

[Were you were wondering what happened to David Cameron’s Big Society, launched in 2010 with funds from the dormant bank accounts of fictional hamsters? It was wound up in 2014 “amid allegations that it misused funding and made inappropriate payments to its directorsThe Independent]

The problem, of course, is that we’re a fundraiser so the very idea is to give away as much of our profit as possible, and to a different small local charity each time. What kind of business model is that? It’s a very specific idiotic skillset.

Sound like YOUR kind of business? Do YOU have philanthropic interests, a love of comedy and enormous genitals? Please get in touch!

So back to the carpet. Sadly, I need to put my efforts into a full-time job where my expertise and my love of comedy (and books) is rewarded with actual coin that can be converted into a wool & polyester mix. It’s that or a hammock and moonshine.

We’ll probably miss it

I will miss our comedy bubble. Since 2009 we’ve created quite an extensive family of Chucklers, a community of comedians together with a community audience who just love to laugh for the benefit of others. With their support, we’ve raised nearly £20,000 for local people, and helped to hook up comedians and charities and the public in a way that is unique, certainly in Sussex.

Edinburgh – Jim Holland, Mark Simmons, Kate Lucas, Phil Jerrod and the lovely charity ladies
Charity Chuckle EVAW dressing room with Zoe Lyons, Miss London and Ingrid Dahle.
Charity Chuckle EVAW dressing room with Zoe Lyons, Miss London and Ingrid Dahle.

Oscar speech

Lastly, our thanks. Thank you to everyone who has performed – you’ve been brilliant. Thanks especially to Julie Jepson who has been a regular compere and friend to us pretty much from the beginning, and who helped to set the tone with her warmth and good humour. She made the charities comfortable. She also recommended The Meters Handclapping Song which was our walk-on music for years. She’s a lovely person and very, very funny. Thanks to Ed Moore, ace photographer who’s documented some of our finest moments. Thanks also to Zoe Lyons and Romesh Ranganathan who performed for us whenever they could and sprinkled a little bit of their gold dust on us! And I’d like to say a special thanks to Jo Neary and Robin Ince who helped us out when my Dad passed away and I was struggling. They stepped in to perform and made the Brighton Fringe a better place.

Thanks to our amazing audiences – all the people who came along on miserable Tuesday nights, laughed loudly, clapped wildly and made those nights more fun than a nun’s knees-up with a balalaika. Well, not everyone: that heckler from Gillingham who offered to take me out and punch me can stick it up his arse.

Thanks most of all to Jim, who is Charity Chuckle’s founder, its common sense and our comedians’ best friend: without him, none of it would have happened.

I’ll leave you with this: to our comedy friends that we grew up with – Good Luck You Famous Buggers! We love you and we’ll always be very proud of you. See you on the way down! Thank you, it’s been a blast.

Kerry xx

My highlights

  1. I’m still astonished that Hannibal Buress did a 50-minute set with us during the Brighton Fringe 2012 when we were at The Latest Bar. It was just after he’d won American Club Comedian of the Year and Charity Chuckle was his only gig outside of London. How did I get  him? Well, I always watch comedy comings and goings and I was friends with his PR, though it may have helped that my profile picture at the time was a 24 year-old bikini-clad me in a hammock. It did seem to improve bookings, though I took it down in the end because a comedian friend emailed to say he couldn’t get any work done. We’d made it a late one because – hey, it was the Fringe! – and he’d been filming for Russell Howard’s Good News in London. This shy sweet American turned up around 11pm, his first time in Brighton, fresh from our glorious train network, and proceeded to sit in the audience to watch Sean McLoughlin and Romesh Ranganathan doing their thing. All of a sudden the strip light crashed from the ceiling and nearly landed on him! Luckily it fell on Sean instead, who, though he has an American passport simply doesn’t have the funds to prosecute. Hannibal did a blistering but laid back set: proper US stand-up, hilarious and a privilege to watch. Later, after an interview with Lynne Ruth Miller where she told him all about herself, followed by a brief sojourn at Legends, I took him for a 3am MaccyD’s drive-thru – surely the highlight of any Brighton visit! The teen behind the counter didn’t realise we were in the presence of greatness and put all the floppy burgers in one bag, so I had to fish around to find his Big Mac amongst the liggers’ cheeseburgers who were sat like children in the back of the car. At the very end of the evening Hannibal carried his sad burger up the boutique hotel steps, and couldn’t get in because the receptionist had gone to bed. I reckon it was just like New York. I’m sure he’ll be back.
  2. In December 2012, Luisa Omielan came on board as MC at the last minute and blew the roof off the place. “Are you looking at my vagina? Are you looking at my vagina?” A star was born.
  3. I love this picture of Jo Neary in a huge gold headdress from dressing up charity Gladrags. My favourite piece from Jo was the Kraftwerk number, but that might have been another time or another show. She’s brilliant every time I see her.
  4. Joe Wilkinson just walking about on stage for 7 minutes while the audience was wiping away tears.
  5. This Nick Helm poster.

    Jesus, do-gooding again.
  6. At Charity Chuckle in Edinburgh, Bobby Mair got so off track and so dark with a young heckler and his dad that we didn’t know if he was ever going to get out of it, much to everyone’s delight. They were Scottish, he’s Canadian, I think they forgave him.
  7. Spencer Jones’ first time – it was a game changer for some of the comics there, like Tommy Cooper on speed.
  8. Al Murray popping in from his gig next door to do a genius 5 minutes. Look – Al Murray! Al Murray at Charity Chuckle 2014
  9. Lee Hume’s long racing joke. “And they’re off!…”
  10. Julie Jepson killing it at the Latest Bar with my son Justice, who at the time was too young to stay at home alone so came to all the gigs. Like a little George Clooney, he’s great with a witty comeback. He recently did his first taster course with Jill Edwards and is now thinking about open mic nights.
  11. When I did stand-up I had a nympho joke that used to go down quite well (fnrr). Each time, I’d pick a man I wouldn’t “do”. This time it was senior comedian David James. It was particularly funny because everyone would do David.
  12. Our old mate Seann Walsh was at the back of the Fancy Room in Edinburgh crying with laughter while Jim sat on stage changing into tap shoes and telling a joke about boiled eggs. Romesh was crying with laughter at Seann. As I think Seann said, “That takes some balls.” Indeed it does. Egg-shaped ones.

Charity Chuckle’s last gig (probably) will be on Tuesday 9th February 2016 at the Komedia Studio Bar, 8pm.

BOOK NOW or get yourself on the waiting list.

Catch American comedian Al Lubel in his only visit to Brighton.

Al Lubel

Al Lubel: “Perfectly formed gags in the finest tradition of the dry New York one-liner” The Guardian

On Tuesday in Brighton you have a chance to catch a stand-up set from American comedian, Al Lubel, as part of a stellar line-up helping to raise money for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. This is Al’s only visit to Brighton in this trip to the UK. Joining him will be gagsmith Mark Simmons, TV favourite Zoe Lyons, local resident Sam Savage and the endearingly funny Juliet Meyers, all compered by one of the best character comedians in the country, Jo Neary.

Profits will be donated to local charity, Our Sansar, who’s work in Nepal has already made a real difference to victims of the Earthquake. They already run a children’s home for street children, and this week they have been looking to set up another one in the Gorkha region which was the epicentre of the quake and now has so many homeless children and families.

The gig’s on Tuesday 12th May at the Brighton Komedia. Doors 7.30pm and show start 8pm. Tickets are just £10.


It’s the laugh with the feelgood factor!

Coming up – Romesh Ranganathan, Phil Jerrod, Nick Helm, James Acaster and Aisling Bea

We’ve got an amazing line up of gigs for you in 2015, starting with our March show featuring new material from Jonathan Ross star, ROMESH RANGANATHAN, aka MC Ranga the lazy-eyed assassin.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Book now at the Brighton Komedia Box Office, 44 Gardner St, tel: 0845 293 8480 or online (which is cheaper). Here’s the link:

See you there!

Kerry x

Forthcoming shows: 

Tues 14th April: PHIL JERROD “Behind the beard is a comic whose instinctive mastery of his form immediately marks him out as one to watch” The Guardian  Also in April, the wonderful STEPHEN CARLIN.

Tues 12th May: NICK HELM (winner of Best Breakthrough Artist at the British Comedy Awards 2014, the Times Breakthrough Award 2014, nominated for Edinburgh Best Show 2011 & 2013, winner of Dave’s Best Joke 2011, as seen in Uncle, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Russell Howard’s Good News – click for THAT FAT SONG, it’s a classic.) See here for Funny Valentines on BBC iplayer, only available for a couple of weeks so click now!

Tues 9th June: JAMES ACASTER, (nominated for Best Comedy Show Edinburgh 2012, Best International Show New Zealand 2013, Best Comedy Show Edinburgh 2013, and Fosters Best Comedy Show nominee 2014).

Tues 14th July: AISLING BEA (British Comedy Award for Best Female TV Comic 2014, Fosters Best Newcomer Nominee 2013, So You Think You’re Funny Winner 2012, as seen on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Live at the Apollo, QI)

NB. Line-ups can change due to circumstances beyond our control.

2014 – the year that comedy begot.

Happy New Year to you all, and a massive thanks to all the comedians, charities, audience members and staff at the Brighton Komedia and Just the Tonic, who have made this year such a success. Thanks to Ed Moore for tirelessly turning up and taking some of the best photos in the business – most of these are his, below. And thanks to some of the agents who have helped us out, particularly Paul at Glorious Management and Mick at Mick Perrin Worldwide.

Check out the photos in our gallery – there’s some awesome shots.

And now – everyone loves lists right? – to some of Charity Chuckle’s favourite bits of 2014:

1. Al Murray popping in with a tight five and all of us at the back being so excited we could shit – he was brilliant.


2. Pulling a bull photobomb at Stewart Lee and Julie Jepson and making them giggle like children.


3. Stewart Lee doing 55 minutes of jaw-droppingly good new material. My favourite bit was the one that caused a collective gasp from the Brighton PC brigade, and the way that he addressed it. Hysterical. Buy his DVD here, on Amazon, and have a good gasp again:

(It was a real thrill to be able to benefit the Brighton charity, Foodshare, with this gig: they are a food redistribution service, supplying foodbanks and charities, but they are so small that they couldn’t help to make up the audience numbers, so this sure fire sell-out gig was especially for them.)

4. Joe Wilkinson’s new 10, comprising 7 and a half minutes of him wandering round the stage.

5. Scoring Spencer Jones from the Edinburgh Fringe, and watching as the Komedia bar staff wet themselves laughing as never before.


6. In February, selling out our first show of the year with Junior Simpson and then following it with another sell-out in March with Stephen Carlin, and April with Nick Helm. Magic!




7. The October gig, that was just sublime stand-up comedy – one of the best nights we’ve had for the pure beauty of it – featuring Sean McLoughlin, Phil Jerrod, Joe Wells, Roz Ryan, Dave Green, Canadian comics Andrew Johnston and Katherine Ryan, and headliner Damo Clark.



8. Jo Neary‘s swinger in May, and with the Gladrags dressing up box in November – she’s so inventive and hilarious, it’s never less than a delight.


9. Zoe Lyons’ sofa story at Christmas. And the photo she sent me afterwards.

Zoe Lyons sofa

10. In Edinburgh: hanging out with Miss Behave on the sleeper; Sara Pascoe’s new toilet ramblings (don’t wee on the seat, girls); Barbara Nice crowdsurfing the nurses; Luisa Omielan and the 14 year old boy; BOBBY MAIR; Chris Boyd’s A-game; Kerry Herbert rehearsing for 4 hours to do 5 minutes – her first gig in a year; and, Jim Holland taking his shoes off onstage to put on his tap shoes and Seann and Romesh weeping with laughter at the back, big fat tears rolling down Seann’s face.

Kerry at Just the Tonic Caves, Edinburgh


Comedians Jim Holland, Mark Simmons, Kate Lucas, Phil Jerrod, and some of the Scottish charities at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

It’s been a great year. We’ve met some lovely people. We’ve laughed a lot. We’re tired now.

Happy New Year and see you next time!

Love, spangles and two-tone shoes. Kerry and Jim xx

PS. Kerry’s Christmas joke:

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus who?

You bloody heathen.

Last seats for Eddie Izzard, Edinburgh 2014

Charity Chuckle Christmas Cracker, Brighton Komedia, Tues 9th Dec


Comedians: Pappy’s, Zoe Lyons, Kate Lucas, Spencer Jones, Evelyn Mok and compered by the fabulous Miss Behave, Mistress of Ceremonies.

BOOK NOW for the highlight in Brighton’s Christmas 2014 comedy calendar!

Tuesday 9th December, 8pm, Komedia Main Room.

Tickets £15 and £10 concessions. Proceeds to Rise and Survivors’ Network.


Zoe Lyons


Excitement mounts in Brighton as the Christmas silly season comes to town!

Spencer Jones adds a Herbert to Charity Chuckle

We’re excited about the next two Chuckle Chuckles. We think they are going to be the best, funniest, most spectacular vernacular nights out in Brighton. And Charity Chuckle has won an award (the Natwest Venus Awards Brighton & Sussex) so it must be true!  Whether you love comedy, you’re com-curious or you just fancy doing something different – a bit of a laugh – do book now and make sure you’ve got your tickets!

A week from now (Tues 11th Nov) you’ll get the chance to see SPENCER JONES headlining Charity Chuckle in the Komedia Studio. He’s amazing, hilarious, very very funny. Is it his first time in Brighton? It can’t be – let us know. We saw his show in Edinburgh, Spencer Jones is The Herbert, and it cracked us up! Soooo silly. Like John Shuttleworth without the songs, like John Kearns without the monk, like Brian Gittins. He’s a must-see, and the rest of the line-up is fantastic too.

And now we’ve got JO NEARY compering the night with a great big dressing up box supplied by this month’s charity, Gladrags. Who knows what will happen, but it’s going to be so much fun! TUES 11 NOV, 8pm, Komedia, £10 or £5 concessions: CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE


For our big Christmas show on the 9th December we’ve got PAPPY’S headlining. Yes, PAPPY’S! Brilliant!

And with all the added sparkle of a bottle of P-Diddy’s Kristal, we are thrilled to have successfully begged the gorgeous and dangerous MISS BEHAVE to compere. That’s the best sleeper train to Edinburgh with no conditioning in a heatwave we’ve ever got! Her onesie was FAB-U-LOUS!

And ZOE LYONS! And award-winning newer comedians KATE LUCAS (Leicester Comedian of the Year 2014) and SOFIE HAGEN (Chortle Best Newcomer). Plus surprises, and prizes and probably even a meat raffle (the butcher, he say yes!) – HOO-HA!

This comedy benefit is part of the annual campaign, 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women, and money raised will be shared between domestic violence charity, RISE, and a sexual violence support service, Survivors Network, both based in Brighton & Sussex.

Zoe Christmas


More about November’s comedians:
SPENCER JONES  ‘A true silly billy and the biggest wally at this year’s Fringe’ John Kearns, 2014 Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner
LOU SANDERS  ‘If Vic and Bob had had a baby back in their heyday, it would have grown up to be Lou Sanders. Bonkers’ BBC Radio
STEPHANIE LAING  ‘Disgusting and delightful in equal measure. She is definitely one to watch.’ Three Weeks
EVELYN MOK  ‘Brutal but funny’ Chortle
BEN VAN DER VELDE  ‘Whipsharp… with an air of mischievous mayhem’ Chortle
DARREN MASKELL  ‘Makes forty short minutes seem like a lifetime’ Three Weeks

Compere: JO NEARY ‘Hilarious off-kilter talent’ Sunday Telegraph. A brilliant character comedian – she was in Ideal with Johnny Vegas and Miranda with Miranda, and oh, loads of stuff. She loves dressing up.

Charity: Gladrags, the local charity bringing over 5000 affordable costumes to community groups, schools and colleges.

Follow us on Twitter @charitychuckle

Cracking line-up for Brighton’s Comedy Festival

TONIGHT! Tuesday 14th October, 8pm at the Komedia. BOOK ONLINE:

It’s an awesome line-up, with Australian Damo Clarke, Canadians Katherine Ryan (SOLD OUT next door!) and Andrew Johnston, Englishmen and women Phil Jerrod, Dave Green and Roz Ryan, and half-American Sean McLoughlin.  

Unfortunately compere Tom Toal has had to drop out due to illness, but we are delighted that brilliant political comedian JOE WELLS is stepping in. We’ve known Joe for years through his gigs down in Portsmouth, and his show Night of the Living Tories is an absolute barnstormer! He MCed our two last Charity Chuckle shows in Edinburgh and he was hilarious – the crowds loved him! Joe’s doing his full show on the 28th October at the Caroline of Brunswick, but catch him here now, tonight at the Komedia!

Doors 7.30pm, Show start 8pm. (Tickets are available on the door till approx 8pm.)

Tickets £10 or £5 concessions.


NatWest Venus Awards Brighton and Sussex Home Based Business Award Finalists 2014

NatWest Venus Awards Brighton and Sussex Home Based Business Award Finalists 2014.

Kerry Herbert-home-based-business

Kerry Herbert, comedy promoter at Charity Chuckle and Stand-Up Marketing (in the middle of the photo), is a finalist in the Brighton Venus @womenawards for Home Based Business!

The Award ceremony is at The Grand on Friday 17th October. Apparently the Venus Awards are just like Brighton’s Oscars. Who’s hoping Kerry will go for a reprisal of Bjork’s egg-laying swan?



Charity Chuckle in Edinburgh

Good evening, Chuckle-fans! No doubt you have been wailing and gnashing your teeth for a month at the absence of Charity Chuckle from the Komedia. But we have been making our annual pilgrimage to Scotland to find more great comics for you! (And treat ourselves to lunch at a very nice restaurant).

Team Charity Chuckle ventured north to the grand citadel of Edinburgh for the world’s largest arts festival, not only to seek out more excellent comedic talent to bring back to Brighton, but also to put on a series of shows as part of the Fringe – 9 shows, 9 days, 9 charities, 36 comedians!

We did photo shoots with the comics and representatives of the charities:

Photoshoot at the Caves listings with comics and charity representatives.


The otter charity based on the Isle of Skye couldn’t make it so they sent us this chap:




We had our Chalk Board outside Just the Tonic Caves to announce that day’s line-up (providing it survived the rain).


Charity Chuckle Chalk Board

And we put on some fantastic shows!

Our very first line up, on 2 August was compered by Aidan Goatley, and featured Angela Barnes, The Birthday Girls, Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe headlining!

10561814_10152774237700312_5525171405194391507_n10574409_10152774237675312_2953499048710648505_n 10561588_10152774238005312_6427554750787300758_n 10432937_10152774238315312_182697365403469402_n 10527367_10152774238430312_997262124023926240_n 10271569_10152774238580312_6946251375239991194_n


…All for the Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.

And our finale on 10 August featured Joe Wells compering and a fantastic line up of Joel Dommett, Romesh Ranganathan, Jim Holland, and Seann Walsh headlining.

10487180_10152782110835312_1861476896187073603_n 10603454_10152782109305312_6785210970587909506_n 10304505_10152782108795312_342278357847619891_n 1932236_10152782104710312_539347931805055430_n 1897018_10152782101940312_7444898349812949223_n

All in aid of the International Otters Survival Fund.

This month we return to the Komedia with another top-notch line up headlined by the fantastic Nathan Caton, who was a hit at the Edinburgh Festival this year.

Let the teeth gnashing be ended!


It’s Spring – get the pandas out!

Charity Chuckle SOLDOUT poster Mar2014

Hello! What would you like on a Friday afternoon? A bit of Stewart Lee news? A bit of Nick Helm? A clip or two of Stephen Carlin cos if you haven’t got a ticket yet I’m afraid that boat’s sailed out (BOOM!).

And if you’re out drinking tonight:

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to this blog. I know we’re a bit random with it, but here’s the news: Stewart Lee, probably the best comedian in the world – though currently only 18th best above Russell Kane but below Russell Howard – is coming to Charity Chuckle in July.  We’re really enjoying his Comedy Vehicle Series 3 on BBC2 on a Saturday night. Especially the Shilbottle episode. My friend, who hasn’t laughed since Lee and Herring way back in the 50s, found it so amusing that she repeated Shilbottle 10 times and now she’s a comedian.

So if you’ve signed up to this blog in a moment of loyalty or boredom then tighten your channels because your ships are coming in.  You will get the chance to snap up a crisp ticket or two to see Stewart Lee in the intimate setting of the Komedia Studio Bar before tickets go on general release. He’ll probably doing stuff from his new Edinburgh show, A Room with a Stew. Excited? Yup.

We’re also absolutely thrilled that the March show sold out a week in advance.  February was very close to a full house too. It gives me and Jim Holland a golden glow, like in Cocoon. Or Antonio Banderas.

The show on Tuesday 8th April is headlined by the amazing NICK HELM, star of UNCLE. Also the 2014 New Act of the Year KATE LUCAS, Show Me the Funny runner-up DAN MITCHELL, and up-and-comer JOE FOSTER. Going on recent glories we recommend that you BOOK TICKETS as soon as possible.

Here’s the Like Like You Song from Uncle:

Oh and here’s the pandas. Happy Friday!

Kerry x

Charity Chuckle: Stand-Up to End Violence Against Women – tomorrow, 8pm at the Brighton Komedia!

Unfortunately, Lucy Porter has had to pull out of tomorrow’s gig due to child and hubby sickness (why, winterbug, why?) but we are excited to announce that in her place ANDREA HUBERT will be stepping on that train and heading on down to Brighty!

Andrea’s a bona fide up-and-coming comic having reached the later stages of all the national comedy competitions, and she comes highly recommended by Zoe Lyons and Broadway Baby no less: “Andrea Hubert’s eccentric and dark humour has the audience in hysterics… the charisma and confidence of a natural performer.” Brighton Komedia 2012, Broadway Baby

Can’t wait to see her at Charity Chuckle. Have you got your ticket yet? If not, you can still buy them here (click on link, or below) or on the door at the Komedia. Proceeds will be shared between Brighton & Hove’s domestic violence charity, Rise, and rape crisis centre, Survivors’ Network. We don’t want it to go on but it does, so just by buying a ticket you will be supporting the charities’ vital work. We’re also part of Brighton & Hove Council’s Safe In the City campaign, and we thank them for paying for the venue and some marketing costs (did you see the posters on the seafront?).

See you tomorrow – it’s going to be great. Even the Mayor’s coming!

Charity Chuckle raises over £10K for the community!

We’ve done it! Over 4 years, gig by gig, joke by joke, laugh by laugh, we’ve managed to raise over £10,000 for local charities and community groups in Brighton, Hove, and the Sussex area. Charity Chuckle even put on a gig for the Sussex branch of the RSPB, and though we couldn’t be sure the birds would stay within the boundaries we’re pretty sure most of them came back!

Let’s hope we can raise even more for Brighton charities Rise and Survivors’ Network at the BIG ONE, the Charity Chuckle 16 Days Christmas Special on Tuesday 10th December! It’s in the main room of the Komedia with a capacity of 292, so please tell all your friends and help us pack it out.

It’s going to be a great night with tip tip comedy and a sprinkle of magic. See you there!

Book here:

From Analogue to Digital – Charity Chuckle moves to the Komedia!

David Trent

Charity Chuckle is thrilled to announce a move to Brighton’s award-winning comedy venue, the Komedia. And our first show on Tuesday 10th September will be part of the Brighton Digital Festival, with the fantastic multi-media comedian DAVID TRENT heading the bill!

Once we get the poster done (:{ tickets are sure to sell quickly so snap yours up here or on the fancy WGT link below, or visit the Komedia Box Office. Oh and we are managing our own events on We Got Tickets/Comedy now, so if you’d like to hear about our forthcoming shows then please tick the box to join the mailing list when you buy your ticket. We promise we won’t email you more than once a month (if that – Doctors can be mighty compelling).

Thanks, see you there! xx

Tickets now available for
Charity Chuckle in association with the Brighton Digital Festivalfrom

The “Charity” in Charity Chuckle

Charity Chuckle has been raising funds through stand-up since June 2009.  From single parent families to the long-term unemployed, from sufferers of drug addiction to dicky tickers, even small amounts of money can keep these charities going. In 2011 alone, we raised over £3,000 for local charities.

We’ve organised events to benefit the whole community and the money raised depends almost entirely on the number of people we get through the door, 
so your custom is always extremely welcome!

There’s usually a raffle too, just to add that little extra to the pot.

More than anything, by hosting a live comedy event we hope to provide something a little bit different for those involved in the charitable sector and the local community. But we’re not exclusive… anyone with an irresistible urge to laugh, clap or throw money in a bucket can come too.

If you would like to be considered for a Charity Chuckle fundraiser, please email kerry (at) charitychuckle (dot) co (dot)uk

Please see below for details of some of the charities we’ve helped over the years.

November Charity Chuckle with Aisling Bea

NEXT SHOW: Tues 13th November

Doors 8pm, show 8.30pm

A fabulous night of live comedy to benefit Fun In Action, a befriending support service for disadvantaged children in Brighton and Hove.

For one night only, Charity Chuckle brings to Brighton for the very first time the very best No 1 new comedian in the country, AISLING BEA! This August 2012, Irish comedian Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling) won the UK’s most prestigious new comedy competition, So You Think You’re Funny? Previous winners have been Dylan Moran, Peter Kay and Tommy Tiernan. Runners up include Sarah Millican, Seann Walsh and Alan Carr. I know!!!

Get down to sunny Kemptown, Brighton, find yourself in a warm cabaret atmosphere of the Latest MusicBar watching the very best that new comedy has to offer, and help put the fun into fundraising.

Headliner: AISLING BEA, 2012 Winner of So You Think You’re Funny?
Support: Martin Stephenson, Silver medalist of Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2011; Rich Perry, SYTYF finalist; Joe Foster, SYTYF semi-finalist; Sarah Hendrickx, Funny Women finalist; witty new act, Dan Fardell, and compered by the warm and lovely Julie Jepson.
Charity: Fun in Action
Latest MusicBar, Manchester St, Brighton BN2 1TF. 01273 687171. Tickets £8/£5

Charity Chuckle’s Best of the Fest with Zoe Lyons and more!


We are very sorry, but Nick Helm is unable to perform at Charity Chuckle due to an injury. We are working hard to find a replacement. While we are sure you will enjoy the show, and all profits will still go to local charity Amaze, if you would like a refund please contact We Got Tickets for online sales and Latest MusicBar on 01273 687171 for phone sales.

Nick Helm’s new show, This Means War!, will be in the Brighton Comedy Festival at the Dome on the 17th October.


Doors 8PM, show starts 8.30PM
Latest MusicBar, BRIGHTON BN2 1TF
Tickets: £8, concessions £5.

For tickets: call LMB on 01273 687171; or visit

ZOE LYONS, Romesh Ranganathan, Nathaniel Metcalfe, Darren Maskell, Claire Parker and Aidan Goatley (MC)

Profits from this show will go to Brighton charity, AMAZE, working with parents of children with special needs.

Zoe Lyons performs new material from her show Pop Up Comic (the Dome, 14th), along with Romesh Ranganathan who was the surprise new hit of the Opening Gala, and on top of all this there may even be a special guest popping in from the Brighton Comedy Festival!

NB: Tickets are are available on the door but likely to sell out fast so speedy boarding will be given to those who have pre-booked.

FORTHCOMING SHOWS – the Autumn/Winter collection:

Shows to put the fun into fundraising so you’ll have something saintly to look forward to this autumn.

Tues 13th November
Headliner: AISLING BEA, 2012 Winner of So You Think You’re Funny?
Support: Chris Boyd, with a new set about storm chasing; Jo Foster, SYTYF semi-finalist; Sarah Hendrickx, Funny Women finalist.
Charity: Fun in Action
Latest MusicBar, Manchester St, Brighton BN2 1TF. 01273 687171. Tickets £8/£5

Tues 4th December
Charity Chuckle: Stand-Up to End Violence Against Women
Headliner: LUCY PORTER
Support: Jo Neary, Joe Wells, Mae Martin, Rachel Parris, David James.
Charities: RISE and Survivor’s Network
Komedia, 44-47 Gardner St, Brighton, BN1 1UN

Please note: line-up is subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. In such an event we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement and notify ticket holders via social media. Profits will still go to the local charity.

Charity Chuckle New Act Night 2012

New Act Night

Next show: Tuesday 14th August 2012

Doors: 8pm; Show Start: 8.30pm

Latest Music Bar, 14-17 Manchester St,

Kemptown, BRIGHTON BN2 1TF

Tickets: £8 or £5 concessions

For tickets call 01273 687171 or go to

Tickets for Charity Chuckle regularly sell out so we strongly recommend buying tickets in advance.

Charity Chuckle July 2012

Charity Chuckle July 2012

Next show: Tuesday 10th July 2012, 8.30pm
at the Latest Music Bar, Brighton BN2 1TF

As Seen On Russell Howard’s Good News
“He has charm, charisma and success written all over him”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard


Charity: CROSSROADS CARE, providing respite for carers in Brighton and Hove

Tickets only £8/£5
BOOK ONLINE from We Got Tickets
or phone 01273 687171

Charity Chuckle July 2012

Next show: Tuesday 10th July 2012, 8.30pm
at the Latest Music Bar, Brighton BN2 1TF

As Seen On Russell Howard’s Good News
“He has charm, charisma and success written all over him”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard


Charity: CROSSROADS CARE, providing respite for carers in Brighton and Hove

Tickets only £8 or £5 concessions
BOOK ONLINE from We Got Tickets at
or phone 01273 687171