ANGELA BARNES first appeared at Charity Chuckle in March 2012 at a fabulous sell-out gig for BHIMS, and it’s been thrilling to watch her prove a smash-hit on Stand Up for the Week. Unfortunately, filming commitments mean that Angela isn’t able to make it for the Charity Chuckle 16 Days Christmas Special. Boo, what a shame.

However, you can still watch her on the telly, and every cloud… We’re delighted to present in her place the very lovely LUCY PORTER! Yaaaay go wild!

Lucy headlined last year’s gig – rather magnificently – and then on the train back gave the newer up-and-coming comics loads of helpful tips on a career in comedy, gleaned from her 13 years experience! Here’s a nice piece in The Independent (click on name to read) about her latest show, Northern Soul, that also includes our headliner, Sara Pascoe, in one of the top four comedians to see at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. About Lucy: “Her childhood heroes were Morrissey, David Hockney and Dennis Skinner, and she once tried to pass herself off as a northerner because she thought they were nicer folk, only to be horribly and hilariously found out in a live radio interview.”

Have you got your tickets to Charity Chuckle 16 Days yet? What are you waiting for! Click here for the Komedia website to book now.

x_lucy porter_143b_photo by steve ullathorne

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