I’m back!

James C Holland

Jim Holland at Charity Chuckle - June 2013

I am back! Also: I have a hangover! Those things are not unconnected.

I haven’t been gigging regularly since July last year. I’ve had two random gigs in that time, jumping in to fill a spot at the last minute by doing my old set. But this is the first I’ve done with the thought of getting back into doing stand-up comedy properly.

And of course, being kind-of rusty, I decided to make life easy for myself. I decided to write an entirely new five minute set from scratch in less than two weeks.

I imagined three possible scenarios for how the gig might go:

1) I forgot everything.

2) I remembered everything but didn’t deliver it strongly enough and went “er” a lot.

3) I remembered everything and delivered it well but it turned out it just wasn’t funny.

I was fairly terrified as I got to the Latest…

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