Merry gigmas and a happy new year!

Charity Chuckle’s final hurrah last year at the Brighton Komedia had the TOP NEW ACTS of 2012, all award winners and future stars of comedy – Luisa Omielan, Lucy Beaumont, Ingrid Dahle – and of course the incredible Lucy Porter headlining.

Also for the very first time at a UK comedy gig there was a flash mob before the show to add to the fun. Talk about a warm-up routine! Check it out: 

The dance linked the 16 Days to End Violence Against Women campaign together with One Billion Rising, a global event to be held around the 14th Feb 2013 to raise awareness of Violence Against Women, particularly domestic violence.

Our next gig is on Tuesday 12th February back at the Latest MusicBar at 8.30pm. Our headliner is JOEL DOMMETT, a very funny man and rather hot to boot, ladies! He’s a nunchucking silver medalist (“skill”, not violence :)) so he might be a bit of a mover. Maybe we’ll test it out with a bit of a dance…

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