BHIMS – Mediation Charity

Brighton and Hove Independent Mediation Service

Charity Chuckle 
Stand-up for Mediation
Tuesday 13th March 2012
Since 1993 BHIMS, a registered charity, has worked with residents in the area of conflict resolution to build stronger more cohesive local communities.
We work with anyone who seeks to find a resolution to conflict including, but not limited to:
People having difficulties with neighbours/others in their community
2. People facing conflict within their own family
3. Tenants/landlord
4. Workplace disputes
We do this by:
1. Training our volunteer mediators to a high standard. 
2. Remaining impartial at all times. 
3. Seeking to help & encourage those in dispute to come up with their   
    own solutions and agreements.
4. Raising funds adequate to maintain staff necessary for the smooth 
    running of the service and to pay volunteers’ expenses.
The Service has over 50 highly trained volunteers who can visit those who may be experiencing difficulties or conflict with others in their community.
The Service offers an alternative to police or legal involvement. We are impartial. Our job is to help and encourage those in dispute to come up with their own solutions and agreements. We offer an alternative to legal action. We do not make judgments and have no authority to tell people what to do.

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