Survivor’s Network

Charity Chuckle 
Stand-up for Female Survivors of Sexual Violence
Saturday 4th June 2011
Survivor’s Network is a Brighton based organisation supporting women who have experienced sexual violence. We understand that the effects of any form of sexual violence can be profound and long lasting and we know that with the right support women can and do heal from their experiences and have full and fulfilling lives. We are here to support every survivor of sexual violence in their healing and empower them for the future.
From the 25th of November 2009 Survivors’ Network has expanded its remit to support all women who have experienced any form of sexual violence. This means that we are now providing a “Rape Crisis” service. If you have experienced recent sexual assault or rape and are looking for support please do get in touch, on 01273 203380.

***Listen to Ruth Mason talking on BBC Sussex Radio on 19th May 2011 with reference to Ken Clarke’s recent Radio 5 ‘serious rape’ comments. The interview with Ruth starts around 10mins into the programme ***

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