Fun in Action

Charity Chuckle 
Stand-up for Children of Lone Parents
Tuesday 12th April 2010
Fun in Action provides a one-on-one befriending service to children from disadvantaged lone parent families in the Brighton and Hove area of East Sussex.
“The service is good because it is aimed specifically at lone parents who can struggle so much with support and finances. It is such an important service and makes such a difference to our lives. It helps to hold my family together and it takes the pressure off me.”
Jane, lone mother of four children under 10.

A recent survey showed that:
88% of parents of befriended children noted a marked improvement in their child’s behaviour
69% of children said they felt much more confident in facing problems
76% of children reported that they had learnt new things and taken on new challenges
In addition, our befriended children show a noticable improvement in school attendance and in their attitude to their studies.
> To learn more about the process of befriending, click here.

> To talk to us now about volunteering, please contact us.

After the event:

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