Target TB

Charity Chuckle 
Stand-up to Target TB
Tuesday 8th February 2011
TB is one of the world’s biggest killer diseases and it is thriving in developing countries because of poverty. The situation is so serious that the World Health Organization has declared TB a ‘global emergency’ and Target TB was established in 2003 in direct response.
Despite the scale of the problem, TB has been a relatively neglected issue. TB kills as many people as HIV/AIDS (about 4,500 per day), and double that of malaria, yet lacks sufficient funding and prioritisation by donors and policy makers.
Our vision at Target TB is a world free from TB and our mission is to address the health, social and economic impact of the global TB epidemic amongst vulnerable and marginalised groups. We currently work with local partners in 7 countries across Africa and Asia with some of the highest TB burdens in the world.

“I can’t tell you how much fun we all had and how hugely grateful we are,
it’s one of the best things we have ever done.“
Lynn Stevens, Fundraising Manager, Target TB

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